Carpet Cleaning Brompton is a leading carpet cleaning agency that operates in the local area of Brompton, SW3 London.

– stain removal
– spot removal
– hot water extraction
– rug cleaning
– mattress cleaning

This is just a small part of our Brompton carpet cleaning services. As soon as you book us, you will see that this is the best thing that you can make.

Lots of people are getting desperate because they can’t change the condition of their favorite carpets. Of course you think you have tried everything but the result is always catastrophic or not as good as you wish it to be. Anyway, the decision of your problems is much easier than you think – just pick up the phone and get in touch with us.

With thousands of satisfied clients (both domestic and business), we have set the carpet cleaning standards in this area pretty high. The reason for this is because we keep in touch with the latest innovations in this area.

As for our workers – you can be sure that all of them have the needed knowledge and dedication in order to deal with the most commonly met factors that are damaging your carpets such as stains, spots, mould, pets, etc. We guarantee expediency, reliability, high quality.

Brompton is area which is located in the South west parts of London. According to historians the area was populated even before the Iron Age. The initial name was Wimbedounyng which in Old English means “Wynnman’s hill”.

The greatest improvements in this area have become true thanks to Thomas Cecil. He is also known as the Maker of Brompton. Lots of important historical constructions, big houses and mansions were build such as The Eagle house and the West Side house.

1838 is known as the year of the arrival of railways in Brompton. This accelerated the development of the district even more. Lots of Elizabethan style gardens were made, and the suburban was blooming. Lots of wealthy families settled in as well as lots of stores and shops
were built in order to serve the wealthy community of Brompton.

There are lots of attractions and ways to have fun in Brompton so you can be sure that you will not be bored if you are living there – the New Brompton Theatre, Wimbledon School of Art, Wimbledon Windmill Museum, Museum Tea Room, etc.

Of course we should not forget to mention all those famous people who used to live there; Raymond Briggs, Jack Stanley, Ralph Tubs, Ben Barnes, Vernon Corea.